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Investments and Impact

Thanks to our use of public-private partnerships, we have financed 282,080 homes and apartments totaling $23.2 billion since 1973. In 2018, the Agency’s work:

  • Financed 13,690 affordable homes and apartments.
  • Financed $2.1 billion in housing construction, rehab and home sales.
  • Administered rent assistance for 27,310 North Carolina families.
  • Supported 18,750 construction jobs.
  • Produced $55.3 million of state and local tax revenues.
  • Kept its operating expenses to below 2% of the real estate activity it leveraged.

Learn more with our new interactive 2018 Investment and Impact: Housing Drives North Carolina website about how affordable housing investments drove stability and success for citizens, including better health care and education outcomes, improvements for local communities and economic benefits for North Carolina. 

Go to Housing Drives North Carolina Website

Need a shorter version? Check out our print version below and contact us at if you would like copies to share. 

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Learn more about how the Agency finances affordable housing in North Carolina with this short video. 

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