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Agency Investment Impacts

Learn more about the affordable housing programs, products and services that the Agency offers to consumers through local partners as well as the financing available for developers, local governments and nonprofit agencies. Also see how our financing and partnerships were put to use and positively impacted the state in 2016.

Affordable Housing is Our Business (2019 Agency Programs)
Housing Builds North Carolina (2018 Report on Achievements)
Housing Builds North Carolina Microsite
Celebrating 30 Years of the Housing Trust Fund
Financing Housing Solutions for People with Disabilities
Comparison of Federal Rental Assistance Programs to North Carolina's Key Rental Assistance and Transitions to Community Living Voucher Programs
Health Through Housing: This document provides just a few examples of how housing investments can save on health care costs for insurers. 

Want even more specific information? The Agency publishes annual Program Impact Reports that provide information on the immediate impacts of our investments in home ownership, rental housing, supportive housing and housing rehabilitation and repair. These documents also highlight research and reports that show the long-term outcomes and impacts of affordable housing investments for residents and communities.

Affordable Mortgage Options
Affordable Rental Housing
Supportive Housing
Rehabilitation and Repair
Rental Assistance Partnerships

The Agency also conducts periodic impact assessments on our programs that build on existing research to estimate the specific economic benefits, cost savings and social outcomes of Agency investments. 

North Carolina's Urgent Repair Program: 25 Years of Housing Results
Urgent Home Repair: Quality of Life and Cost Impacts
The Impact of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit in North Carolina
The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Neighborhood Property Values in North Carolina
The Impacts of Community-based Affordable Homeownership Programs
Affordable Mortgage Products: Engines of Upward Mobility