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Research, Reporting and Policy

In addition to financing affordable housing, the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency reports on housing-related data and the impact of affordable housing investments on citizens, communities and state and local economies. The Agency also monitors housing research and policy in North Carolina and nationally.

The Agency also supports North Carolina’s 5-Year Consolidated Planning process, which examines the state’s housing needs and conditions, sets out a strategy to meet needs, identifies available resources and establishes one- and five-year investment plans to meet priority needs.

Check out the sections below  to see what's going on with North Carolina's housing market, the impact of the Agency's investments and to access Consolidated Planning documents. Click Policy Matters Blog on the left to learn about the latest research and studies on affordable housing.

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Housing Research

Explore the latest N.C. housing stats in our interactive State of Housing map and what research reveals about affordable housing benefits.

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Agency Investments

Find out how the Agency's investments impact citizens, communities, and the economy in our Program Impact Reports and Report on Achievements.