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The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, a self-supporting public agency, has financed more than 269,000 homes and apartments for North Carolinians with low and moderate incomes since its creation by the General Assembly in 1973. The Agency funds these efforts through the sale of bonds and mortgage-backed securities, and using sources such as the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, the state’s Workforce Housing Loan Program, the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund and other federal and state programs.

News & Events

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Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations for Housing Providers

May 16, 2018

Wilson—This ​training ​will ​provide ​an ​overview ​of ​federal ​and ​state ​Fair ​Housing ​Laws, ​with ​a ​particular ​focus ​on ​the ​rights ​of ​people ​with ​disabilities ​and ​the ​legal ​responsibilities ​of ​property ​owners ​and ​managers ​in ​this ​area.

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Basic Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations for Housing Providers

May 9, 2018

Greensboro—This ​training ​will ​provide ​an ​overview ​of ​federal ​and ​state ​Fair ​Housing ​Laws, ​with ​a ​particular ​focus ​on ​the ​rights ​of ​people ​with ​disabilities ​and ​the ​legal ​responsibilities ​of ​property ​owners ​and ​managers ​in ​this ​area.