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Community Partners

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency provides financing to local governments and nonprofit organizations to build and rehabilitate homes for low-wealth North Carolinians. Our programs offer mortgage financing and energy efficiency subsidies for home ownership production, as well as financing for vital repairs and rehabilitation and accessibility modifications. Discover how we can help you meet affordable housing needs in your community while keeping your costs low.

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  • Self-Help Loan Pool

    By joining the SHLP, your organization may receive permanent mortgage financing that can be combined with your own mortgage funds to provide a single, interest-free mortgage loan to your qualified home buyers.

  • Urgent Repair Program

    Discover how the Agency’s funding can help you provide emergency home repairs and modifications to low-income households with special needs occupants.

  • Essential Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool

    Members of the Essential Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool can apply for funding to rehabilitate homes with elderly occupants or those with disabilities, as well as homes with lead hazards that have a child six years old and under living in them.

  • Q:

    How does SystemVision ™ benefit my borrower?


    Homes built With SystemVision™ are better than most other homes in terms of health and safety, durability, comfort, energy efficiency and environmental impacts. Homes built with SystemVision™ provide homeowners with a two-year comfort guarantee and a heating/cooling bill guarantee (typically less than $35 per month).

  • Q:

    Can my client combine the CPLP with the NC Home Advantage Mortgage™ with the down payment assistance? If they’re a first-time buyer, can they also get a Mortgage Credit Certificate?


    CPLP financing can be used independently or with and NC Home Advantage Mortgage™, including down payment assistance. Eligible first-time buyers can also apply for an MCC.