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SystemVision Energy Guarantee Program

The SystemVision™ Energy Guarantee Program encourages high standards of energy efficiency in the construction of affordable homes. The program is offered by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency in partnership with Advanced Energy Corporation, a nonprofit organization in Raleigh.

The Agency will provide a construction subsidy of $4,000 to nonprofits and local governments for each home they develop through the Community Partners Loan Pool and the Self-Help Loan Pool following SystemVision™ guidelines. The guidelines include specific energy efficiency standards such as smart mechanical ventilation systems that control indoor air quality and humidity levels. Advanced Energy Corporation trains the construction teams in the implementation of these systems.

Under the SystemVision™ Program, Advanced Energy issues a two-year heating and cooling bill guarantee. Typically, this guarantee is that the average heating and cooling costs will be less than $30 per month. If the actual costs are higher, Advanced Energy reimburses the homeowner for the excess.

Advanced Energy also issues a comfort guarantee to the homeowner: the center of every room will differ from the thermostat setting by no more than three degrees.

Nonprofit and local government participants in the Community Partners Loan Pool and Self-Help Loan Pool should have key staff, local contractors, and local builders participate in a SystemVision™ training.  Those interested in attending may register for one of the free training.  The registration link will be updated with training opportunities as they are confirmed.

Our rates are available on business days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. If you are receiving this message within those business hours, the rates are being updated and should be available shortly.

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