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Mortgage Insurance 101

Gone are the days where a 20% down payment is the standard requirement to purchase a home. In fact, with some loans like the NC Home Advantage Mortgage™, you can purchase...Read more

Policy Matters Blog
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NC’s Senior Population Among Most At Risk

Cities and towns across the United States are facing rapidly aging populations. This silver tsunami” brings with it a change in communities’ housing, transportation, and...Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Homeowners Insurance 101

If you are in the market to purchase a home, one of the monthly costs that you will have to budget for besides your mortgage payment is homeowners insurance. Most lenders...Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Home Equity FAQs

If you own a home, paying your mortgage is a bit like paying into a long-term savings account. One day your mortgage will be paid off and the home will be yours, but what...Read more