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How to Prepare for Closing Day

Your offer has been accepted, your loan is almost done processing and you are starting the sprint to closing day. Although this final step in the home buying process can...Read more

Press Release

Scott Farmer To Lead NC Housing Finance Agency

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency’s Board of Directors has named Scott Farmer, director of rental investment of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, as its...Read more


Top Skills All New Homeowners Should Know

Owning your home has many benefits, but unlike with renting, there is no landlord to call if something goes wrong. Therefore, there are some skills that every homeowner...Read more


Top 3 Factors that Increase Your Moving Costs

The process of moving can be stressful. Hiring movers to do some of the work for you can help keep that stress to a minimum and allow you to focus on other important tasks...Read more