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Home Matters Blog
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How to Move Up from a Starter Home

Whether you purchased your first home intending to stay for a few years or forever, the truth is, most buyers end up moving on from their first home, or starter home....Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

With technology making the process of searching for a home seem increasingly like a DIY process, you might think that you don’t need to enlist a real estate agent to help...Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Do You Need a Housing Counselor?

Homes, mortgage payments, insurance, oh my! If you’re not a housing expert, the process of buying and staying in a home can be a complicated one—especially when finances...Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Home Finance Vocabulary for First-Time Buyers

Buying your first home can be intimidating, especially once you start hearing all the real estate jargon that comes out during a home transaction. However, you don’t have...Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Money Tips for Home Buyers

If you are brushing up on your financial literacy to reach a goal of buying a home, you’ve come to the right place. The reality of getting your finances to buy a home may...Read more

Home Matters Blog
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Identity Theft 101

Identity theft is something we don’t think will happen to us, but a crash course in financial literacy wouldn’t be complete without it. Unfortunately, cases of identity...Read more