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A woman holding a folder in front of her face

How to Read an Inspection Report

You’ve made your offer, it’s been accepted and you’re now well on your way to the closing table. Before things go any further however, you’ve requested a home inspection—...Read more

Home Matters Blog
Two people using computers

How to Master the Virtual House Hunt

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about buying a home, from the emergence of virtual closings to a hot housing market and much more. One of the most obvious changes...Read more

Home Matters Blog
two people smiling on a street

How to Make a Great Offer on a Home

Before you can start the process of buying your first home in North Carolina, you must first make an offer on a home you want to make yours. Making an offer involves a lot...Read more

Home Matters Blog
A key and a pair of glasses on top of a book

Understanding Home Buying Expenses

For first-time home buyers in North Carolina, buying a home can feel like an expensive process. Between saving up for a down payment and thinking about the monthly costs...Read more

Home Matters Blog
A white sofa and coffee table on a light blue rug

What Today's Sellers Expect

Buying a home in North Carolina’s hot real estate market can be a challenge for any buyer, but even more so for a first-time home buyer. Before you begin your home buying...Read more