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New Report Shows Affordability Gap Still Significant for Renters

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The National Low-Income Housing Coalition’s annual affordable housing report reveals that all 50 states lack an adequate supply of affordable rental housing for extremely low-income (ELI) renters. The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Homes, 2018 indicates North Carolina has 46 affordable units available for every 100 ELI renter households, higher than 39 other states. Nevada is least affordable with 15 units available for every 100 ELI renters. While Maine has the highest number of affordable units, its 59 units for every 100 ELI renter households still points to a significant affordability gap.

ELI households  have incomes at or below the poverty guidelines (30% of median income), make up more than a quarter of all renter households and are more likely than higher-income households to include seniors and people with disabilities, including children. ELI households tend to be severely cost-burdened, meaning they pay more than 50% of their monthly income for housing costs. North Carolina has more than 350,000 ELI renter households, with 70% that are severely cost-burdened.

Read the full 2018 Gap Report here: