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Surprising Ways Homeowners Insurance Can Help You

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Your first home in North Carolina is most likely your largest purchase to date. It makes sense that you will want to get a strong homeowners insurance policy to protect your biggest investment. While you know that your insurance will cover damages to your home, roof, belongings and more, a homeowners insurance policy can cover much more than you think. Read on to learn a few surprising ways homeowners insurance can help protect you so you can be informed and ready should disaster strike.

Home Office Equipment
If you have been working from home or your children are distance learning this year, you likely have a lot more equipment and office items in your home than before. Luckily, home office equipment can be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. A standard policy will most likely cover computers, printers and other technology from covered damages, but you have the option to opt into additional coverage as needed.

Medical Pay Protection
Medical expenses can pile up fast, especially expenses for injuries caused at your home. Luckily, homeowners insurance policies offer medical pay protection that will cover medical bills for people who may get injured at your home, even if they do not live there. For example, if your neighbor gets injured falling down your stairs, their medical bills could be covered so you don’t have to foot the costs out of pocket. Accidents happen, so having the security of this coverage is essential.

Living Expenses
No, your homeowners insurance won’t pay for your cable bill, but if damage to your home causes you to need to move out during repairs or testing, your living expenses and hotel bills could be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. For example, if a kitchen fire causes extensive damage to your home requiring you to stay at a hotel while repairs are made, your insurance can help you pay for groceries, certain other expenses and your lodging.

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