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Study Finds Home Ownership Protects Health

a nurse checking blood pressure

A wealth of research shows that housing quality and stability significantly impact child development and educational attainment—particularly home ownership, which has been found to boost children’s math and reading scores. In addition to contributing to children’s educational success, a University of Michigan study suggests that home ownership may have health-protective effects. The study combined demographic data with health data on disability and mortality to examine relationships between home ownership, race and health outcomes in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Researchers found that neighborhoods with higher shares of Black residents were more likely to have lower rates of home ownership, and more likely to have higher rates of disability and mortality among residents. However, higher home ownership rates within these neighborhoods reduced the association between Black residents and mortality—in other words, home ownership exhibited a protective effect on residents’ health. This research highlights the importance of affordable mortgage products like the NC Home Advantage MortgageTM  that reach a greater share of non-White borrowers than traditional mortgage products, helping promote more equitable access to the health and education benefits that home ownership brings.