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1000th Energy-Efficient Affordable Home Built Using SystemVision Speaker Joe Hackney to speak at event Sept. 22

Press Contact Only:
Connie Helmlinger, NCHFA, 919-877-5607,

Speaker Joe Hackney will address an event at 10 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 22, commemorating the 1000th SystemVision home financed by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. The milestone occurred with the completion of a Chatham Habitat for Humanity home.  The Agency partners with Raleigh-based Advanced Energy using SystemVision to bring high standards of energy efficiency and healthy home construction into the state’s affordable housing sector. 

SystemVision has had a clear impact on the environment. The energy saved by the 1,000 homes would have taken 1.5 million tons of coal to generate. Burning that coal would have produced 3.8 million lbs. of carbon dioxide, and the prevention of that carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere is equal to not driving 4.7 million miles.


Speaker Joe Hackney, North Carolina House of Representatives

Brandi Lane, Habitat homeowner

Amy Powell, executive director, Chatham Habitat for Humanity

Krista Egger, affordable housing programs manager, Advanced Energy

Bob Kucab, executive director, North Carolina Housing Finance Agency


Monday, Sept. 22, 10:00 a.m.


Home of Brandi Lane, 224 E. Cornwallis Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Onsite Contact:

Connie Helmlinger, 919-605-7126

At $4,000 a home, the N.C. Housing Finance Agency has invested more than $4 million to make the homes it finances healthier, more energy-efficient and more affordable for lower income buyers. The Agency promotes SystemVision construction through two community-based programs with local governments and nonprofit partners, including Habitat for Humanity.

The SystemVision program, which far exceeds Energy Star standards, guarantees that a home’s heating and cooling consumption will not exceed a set, very low level. On average, a 1,200 square foot home built to SystemVision standards has a monthly heating and cooling cost of $32.  The guarantee is backed up by Advanced Energy, a public nonprofit building science corporation created and regulated by the state Public Utilities Commission. 

“Saving $20 a month on energy bills is significant for North Carolina’s working families,” said Kucab. “Speaker Hackney’s leadership in the General Assembly and his commitment to affordable housing enables us to provide this extra benefit for low-income buyers to ensure that their home remains affordable long after they purchase it.”

For more information about SystemVision, go to


The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency is a self-supporting public agency. It has financed 184,000 affordable homes and apartments in the last three decades, including nearly 74,000 homes for first-time home buyers. To learn more, go to or call 919-877-5700 or 800-393-0988.