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Fund a Development

Fund a Development

Supportive Housing Development Program financing is only available to developments serving populations of homeless or non-homeless households with special needs, including:

  • People experiencing homelessness or imminently at risk of homelessness. 
  • People with mental, physical or developmental disabilities.
  • People with substance use disorders.
  • Children in foster care and youth aging out of foster care.
  • Survivors of domestic violence.
  • Adults re-entering the community after being released from correctional facilities. 

The housing must serve individuals and families who earn below 50% of area median income. Rent and utilities cannot exceed 30% of the gross household income.  Up to $1,300,000 in interest-free loans is available for eligible organizations, depending on location.

How Do I Apply for Funding?

Prior to applying, nonprofits and local governments must schedule a pre-application meeting and site visit. To request a site visit, please submit the Program Description and Site Visit Request. For-profit organizations may only apply for SHDP if their project creates integrated supportive housing.

Following a site visit and review of the Application Guidelines, applicants then submit a formal application. There are two parts to the full application:

  • Part 1: A narrative, project description, and up to twenty-six exhibits, plus preliminary site plans.
  • Part 2: A development budget, sources of funds, income/expenses and pro forma.

When Does Each Funding Cycle Begin?

We offer financing through the Supportive Housing Development Program on a competitive basis once a year. A Notice of Funding Availability is emailed to interested parties when funding is available. 

For more information on how to apply for Supportive Housing Development financing, please contact a Supportive Housing Development team member at