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Supportive Housing Financing

If your organization has a current SHDP loan and you are interested in Supportive Housing Small Rehab (SH-Rehab which offers forgivable loans $10,000-$200,000), contact for more information.

Supportive Housing Development Program financing is only available to developments serving populations of homeless or non-homeless households with special needs, including:

  • People experiencing homelessness or imminently at risk of homelessness. 
  • People with mental, physical or developmental disabilities.
  • People with substance use disorders.
  • Children in foster care and youth aging out of foster care.
  • Survivors of domestic violence.
  • Adults re-entering the community after being released from correctional facilities. 

Financing is also available for housing that serves other special populations on a case-by-case basis.

Visit Fund a Development to learn more about requirements for the Supportive Housing Development Program and how to apply for project financing.

SHDP Eligibility Requirements 

Nonprofit organizations must have had their 501(c)3 designation for at least three years to apply and must be able to provide the most recent certified audit that is less than 12 months old. Organizations must have a minimum of three years’ experience providing supportive housing or providing supportive housing services for the population in the intended project. Organizations which have not completed a successful real estate development project within the last seven years must work with a qualified consultant or partner with a more experienced nonprofit organization.

Projects located within CDBG Entitlement Areas may receive interest-free loans of up to $1,200,000 or 60% of project cost, whichever is less. While projects in Non-Entitlement Areas may receive up to $1,300,000 or 70%, whichever is less.

Get started below by learning more about eligibility requirements for the Supportive Housing Development Program and how to apply for project financing.

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Find out if your project is eligible for supportive housing development funding by reviewing the application guidelines.

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Find out how and when to apply for supportive housing development financing.

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