Forms and Resources

HOME Written Agreement (January 1, 2022–January 1, 2024)   
SHLP Membership Application (updated January 2020)   
Annual SHLP Membership Renewal Form (Updated November 2022)   
SystemVision for New Homes Program Service Agreement (September 2019)   
SHLP Program Participation Guidelines (updated April 1, 2023)

General Resources   
Alternate First Mortgage Review Form   
Advanced Energy - Updates to Energy and Green Programs   
HOME Program 2023 Household Income Limits (*effective 6/15/2023) and 2022 Sales Price Limits   
HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection Form (52580-A)   
NCHFA Guidance for Developing a Four Factor Analysis and LAP (December 2021)   
Strategies for Quality Design - Tightlines Design   
What to do when your affiliate has a foreclosure?   
Lead Based Paint Visual Assessment Form    
Recertification Form for Supplemental Home Buyer Education Completed (January 2020)   
Major Building Systems Life Expectancy & Replacement Costs (June 2020)

Training Resources   
SHLP Program Overview presentation (June 2021)   
Recording of SHLP Program Overview - total time: 90 minutes (June 2021)   
Intro to Loan Pool Portal presentation (June 2021)   
Recording of Intro to Loan Pool Portal - total time: 130 minutes (June 2021)   
2020 Introduction and Overview to the Self-Help Loan Pool (April 2020)   
2020 SHLP Member Advanced Training (June 2020)   
How To Work with SystemVision™ for Existing Homes as a Loan Pool Member