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URP24 Implementation Workshop Registration
URP24 Administrator's Manual Coming Soon

URP23 Administrators Manual
Income Limits - 2023 HOME Limits 30-50 by County - Effective June 15, 2023
Income Limits - 2023 Statewide Non-Metro - Effective June 15, 2023
URP23 Implementation Workshop Slide Deck - June 14, 2023

Administrator's Manual (Complete)
Income Limits - 2022 HOME limits 30–50 by County - Expires June 15, 2023; use 2023 HOME limits after this time
Income Limits - 2022 Statewide Non-Metro - Expires June 15, 2023; use 2023 Statewide limits
URP22 Webinar (held on 6/14/2022)

URP Forms
Application and Eligibility Form - Effective August 10, 2020
URP Project Management Report 25 Units *Updated 2/26/24*
URP Project Management Report 50 Units *Updated 2/26/24*
URP PMR Instructions
Certification of Completion and Final Cost Effective Immediately
Certification of Final Inspection
Contractors Release of Liens
Construction Contract - Bid
Construction Contract - Self
Itemized Summary Account - Self Contracting
Modification Agreement
Owner Certificate of Satisfaction *New 2019* Use for all URP programs
Pre-Construction Conference Record
Promissory Note 2019 (URP21 and prior)
Promissory Note 2022 (URP22 and beyond)
Request for Project Amendment
Zero Income Affidavit *New 2018*
URP Model Case File Log *New 2023*

Model Policies
Model Assistance Policy *Updated 2024*
Model Procurement and Disbursement Policy *Updated 2024*
Model Procurement and Disbursement Policy Self Contracting *Updated 2024*

Training and Guides
Lead RRP Guidance for URP