Sell More Homes with Our Mortgage Products!

If you’re working with clients whose lack of down payment funds has kept them out of the housing market, the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency has mortgage products that can help. Our NC Home Advantage Mortgage™ offers competitive rates and down payment assistance up to 3% of the loan for move-up and first-time buyers. First-time buyers (those who haven't owned a home as their principal residence in the past three years) and military veterans with lower incomes may be eligible for $15,000 in down payment help with the NC 1st Home Advantage Down Payment or for the NC Home Advantage Tax Credit, which offers up to $2,000 a year in federal tax savings for buyers who apply and are approved by us for a Mortgage Credit Certificate prior to their home purchase. These mortgage products are offered through participating lenders statewide so that you can easily find a partner in your community to help your buyers. 

Our Agency also provides financing through the Community Partners Loan Pool (CPLP) for the home rehabilitation and new construction. CPLP members offer 0% interest, deferred, subordinate mortgages for up to 25% of the sales price on their homes depending on the mortgage product used. 

Learn more below to see how we can help you reach more buyers and sell more homes.

Available Options

NC Home Advantage Mortgage™

The NC Home Advantage Mortgage™ provides eligible home buyers with down payment assistance up to 3% of the loan amount, competitive interest rates and up to 100% financing on FHA, USDA and VA loans.

NC 1st Home Advantage Down Payment

The NC 1st Home Advantage Down Payment provides eligible first-time home buyers and military veterans with $15,000 in down payment assistance.

NC Home Advantage Tax Credit

Th NC Home Advantage Tax Credit could mean more money for your eligible first-time buyers and military veterans by reducing their federal income tax liability by up to $2,000 per year with a Mortgage Credit Certificate.

Community Partners Loan Pool

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency provides financing to local governments and nonprofit organizations to build and rehabilitate homes for low-wealth North Carolinians. The Community Partners Loan Pool (CPLP) provides qualified home buyers with down payment assistance: