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New Report Examines Ties Between Housing and Health Inequities

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A recently released report is highlighting the essential role that housing plays in individual and community health. A Vision of Housing Security, Health and Opportunity, published by the Colorado Health Institute, examines the close ties between inequities in both housing and health in seven Colorado communities. The report also discusses how past and present policies have made housing instability worse. It recommends 11 housing strategies to repair these inequities, including the right-to-counsel policy for tenants in housing eviction cases, creation of a tax rebate or credit for low-income renters and conversion of manufactured home parks into resident-owned communities.

The North Carolina Affordable Housing Conference, held at the Raleigh Convention Center from October 7-8, 2019, will explore some of these topics. Health Through Housing will focus on how North Carolina housing programs impact community well-being and contribute to health care cost savings, while Resources and Connections for Eviction Prevention will explore eviction prevention initiatives that connect at-risk tenants to legal counsel. For more information on registration, sponsorship, or exhibiting please go to