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Home Matters Blog
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Understanding Home Buying Expenses

For first-time home buyers in North Carolina, buying a home can feel like an expensive process. Between saving up for a down payment and thinking about the monthly costs...Learn More

Home Matters Blog
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What Today's Sellers Expect

Buying a home in North Carolina’s hot real estate market can be a challenge for any buyer, but even more so for a first-time home buyer. Before you begin your home buying...Learn More

Home Matters Blog
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Homeowners Insurance Myths Busted

Buying a home comes with its fair share of costs, but one that many home ownership hopefuls may overlook is the cost of homeowners insurance. While not the most fun thing...Learn More

Home Matters Blog
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Little Known Home Buying Resources

Happy Home Ownership Month! This month, we celebrate all things home ownership, but most of all, we strive to help home ownership hopefuls realize their dream of buying a...Learn More