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CHDO Information

Nonprofit organizations applying for both Housing Credits and a Rental Production Program (RPP) loan may also be eligible for Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) funding under the federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program for the property being financed.

The HOME Program seeks to develop affordable housing project capacity by promoting partnerships between government and nonprofit organizations. State and local governments that receive federal HOME funds are required to set aside 15% of their HOME allocations for development activities owned, developed and/or sponsored by qualified CHDO.

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency administers the HOME funding for the State of North Carolina’s PJ and meets its set-aside through the Rental Production Program (RPP). Nonprofits that submit a CHDO application when they apply for Housing Credits will be considered for funding at the same time as the RPP.

In 2012, HUD no longer requires state certification of CHDO status; instead, CHDO applications are submitted only for funding a specific project and the Agency as the awarding entity will approve them for that project.

CHDO applicants must meet both federal and Agency-specific standards, including the following stipulations:

  • The organization must have a mission dedicated to providing suitable housing that is affordable to low and moderate-income people.
  • The organization must have at least one year of experience serving the community.
  • The organization must have completed at least one CHDO-eligible development within the past two years. Eligible activities include construction or rehabilitation of affordable rental housing or the construction of an affordable home ownership project.
  • The organization must be able to demonstrate capacity and experience through a written narrative.
  • One-third of the organization’s board must represent groups serving low-income populations and no more than one-third can represent the public sector.

To become CHDO-certified, refer to our Application for Community Housing Development Organization Certification. To learn more about becoming a CHDO, contact Stacy Lewis.