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2014 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

Final 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan

Draft 2014 QAP showing changes from 2013

Notice of Real Property Acquisition (updated 10/2/13)

2014 Construction Field Guide

Appendix A
(Market Study)

Appendix B
(Design Quality)

Appendix C
(Development and Management Summaries)

Appendix C
(Experience Spreadsheet)

Appendix D
(Targeting Plan)

Appendix E
(Sample Permanent Lender Letter of Intent / Commitment)

Appendix F
(Monitoring Compliance with Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Requirements)

Appendix G
(RPP Guidelines)

Appendix H
(Overview of the 2014 NC State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program)

Appendix I
(Additional Information)
Management Company Budget Approval
PHA Letter Agreeing to Project-Base
Rehab Construction Cost Breakdown

Appendix J
(Principal Office Guidance)

Appendix K
(Metro County Percentage Calculation)

Public Hearing Comments Summary

2014 QAP Comments

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