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Forms and Resources

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Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

Required Forms
Annual Student Certification
Approval to Change Management
Employment Verification
Mandatory Tax Credit Lease Addendum (updated 11/18/2018)
Notification of Intent to Transfer Ownership
Tenant Income Certification (Income Restriction) Excel
Tenant Income Certification (Income Restriction) PDF
Tenant Selection Plan Policy
Tenant Selection Plan Checklist
Under $5,000 Asset Certification
Utility Allowance Agency Estimate Spreadsheet
HOME Lease Addendum
Transfer Partnership Interest

Best Practice Forms and Resources

NCHFA Questionnaire
Alimony/Child Support Affidavit
Asset Verification
Pension Income Verification
Student Status Verification
Supplemental Demographic Information for New Move-ins 
Zero Income Affidavit
Reasonable Accommodation Guide (2018)

Additional Forms
Affidavit of Marital Separation Status
Cash on Hand
Clarification Statement
Companion Animal Request Verification
Disposed Assets Form
Employment Termination Verification
Income Asset Calculation Worksheet
Landlord Reference Form
Lease Addendum for Drug Free Housing
Lease Addendum for Smoke Detectors
Live-In Care Attendant Affidavit
Live-In Care Attendant Verification
Non-Employment Affidavit
Public Assistance Verification
Real Estate Verification
Recurring Gift Verification
Self-Employment Affidavit
Unemployment Benefits Verification

Rental Production Program Loans (RPP)

(also see Tax Credit forms)
Reserve Request—RCRS Instructions
Rent Increase Worksheet

Targeting PROGRAM and Key Rental Assistance

Certain Housing Credit properties participate in one or both of these programs. Listed below are forms and resources for property managers and lead service agencies. All Key requisitions for payment must be made electronically through RCRS. 

Instructions for Management 
Direct Deposit Authorization (updated 07/29/2015)
IRS Form W-9 (updated 01/20/2019)
Key Calculation Worksheet (updated 03/18/2019)
Key Lease Addendum (updated 06/01/2020)
Life of the Vacancy and Referral System
Owner Agreement to Participate
Housing Assessor Coverage Area Map
Housing Stabilization Coordinator Coverage Areas
Statewide Targeting Program Staff Contact Information
Targeting Program Manual for TC & PLP 
Risk Mitigation Tools for Landlords, Owners and Management Agents
Reasonable Accommodation - A Quick Guide for Property Managers
Targeting Unit Agreement Family Template

Project-Based Section 8 

Traditional Contract Administration Section 8 Portfolio
(Contact Susan Westbrook, manager of rental assets, 919-877-5647)  

Performance-Based Contract Administration
(Contact NC Quadel for required forms on properties under Performance-Based Contract Administrator)

Affordable Housing Program (AHP) (formally known as RTC) 

Tenant Income Certification (excel)
Tenant Income Certification (pdf) 
Employment Verification
Under $5,000 Asset Certifications
RTC Owner's Annual Certification
RTC Annual Compliance Report - Part A
RTC Annual Compliance Report - Part B

Supportive Housing Development Program

Employment Verification
Homeless Verification
Key Program Verification of Disability 
Owner Affidavit
Participant Eligibility Certification 
Participant Eligibility Guide
Qualified Tenant Roll
Qualified Tenant Roll - Instructions
Rent Roll - Permanent
SHDP Key Program Procedures and Requirements 
Supportive Housing Income/Asset Questionnaire
Key Calculation Worksheet (updated 02/01/2019)
Supportive Services Access Plan Update
Targeting Program Manual for SHDP 
Tenant Affidavit
Tenant Income Certification
Under $5,000 Asset Certification
Zero Income Affidavit

Integrated Supportive Housing Program (ISHP)

Integrated Supportive Housing Program (ISHP) Program Guidelines (revised 4/15/2021)
Vacancy Reserved Tracking