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Notice: In light of the ever-evolving situation with Coronavirus, the Agency has canceled trainings through the end of 2020. Guidance to meet the 2020 training requirements has been posted under our COVID-19 updates. Training resources are available immediately below, and you can scroll to the bottom of the page to access our upcoming training schedule and register for training sessions. Our office is currently working on 2021 training opportunities and will have the 2021 training schedule by the beginning of January 2021. 

2020 Compliance 101 Training Book
2020 Advanced Training Book
2020 Courtesy Training Book
2020 Courtesy Training Resources

NEW: Please note that we now also have a comprehensive playlist of training videos on YouTube

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The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency wants to make adhering to federal and state regulations as easy as possible, so you can focus on managing your properties. We support periodic training sessions to help you ensure that your properties and tenants are meeting the requirements necessary to keep receiving federal and state tax credits.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Compliance Training

Our asset management staff offers periodic training on maintaining compliance with Low-Income Housing Tax Credit regulations, as well as supportive services workshops throughout the year. Each six-hour training emphasizes specific state interpretations and uniform minimum procedures based on our experience and compliance requirements. We recommend that onsite and other compliance personnel attend this training at least once a year.

In addition, nationally recognized trainers offer multi-day seminars within the state. These seminars provide comprehensive information on compliance issues and the latest IRS rulings. Courses are separated for owners and managers with different experience and skill levels, and several offer tax credit designations.

We require that the management for each Housing Credit property include at least one supervisor who is certified as one of the following:

* online classes and exams offered

Federal form 8609 will not be issued until you produce evidence of attending a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit compliance seminar sponsored by us or one of the above agencies.

Rental Production Program (RPP) Compliance Training

We provide periodic training on maintaining compliance with RPP requirements. Our six-hour training session emphasizes state interpretations of federal regulations and procedures that comply with the requirements of the loan documents. We recommend that onsite and other compliance personnel attend this training at least once a year.

There are also multi-day seminars offered by nationally recognized trainers within the state that complement our RPP compliance training. While these seminars are not substitutes for our sessions, they do provide comprehensive information on important tax credit compliance issues that may help you combine tax credits with RPP financing.

Section 8 Compliance Training

The following professional trainers offer classes on Section 8 Compliance.

Ready to get started? View our upcoming training schedule and register for training sessions. 

Rental Owner and Manager Trainings