Forms and Resources

ESFRLP24 Application Form
ESFRLP24 Application Guidelines

Administrator's Manual
Model Assistance Policy (5/9/2023)
Model Procurement and Disbursement Policy (5/9/2023)
Income Limits (effective 6/15/2023)
Quick Check Income/Property Value Limits (effective 7/1/2023)
NCHFA Guidance for Developing a Four Factor Analysis (effective 7/31/2023)

Administrator's Manual

Administrator's Manual 

Administrator's Manual (updated 8/4/2020)

Administrator's Manual (updated 11/18/19)

ESFRLP Required Forms 
ESFRLP Lead-Based Paint Requirement Worksheet (updated 9/7/2023)
ESFRLP Essential Property Standard Certification of Compliance (updated 9/7/2023)
ESFR Certification Checklist (2016–2018)
Certification of Completion and Final Cost (updated 3/4/2020)
ESFRLP Section 3 Summary Report and Guidance (updated 7/15/2021)
ESFRLP Section 3 Summary Report (Excel) (updated 11/30/2023)
Request for Project Amendment - ESFRLP (updated 9/7/2023)
ESFR Waiver Form (updated 9/7/2023)

ESFRLP Model Forms
Model Case File Log
Pre-Application and Eligibility Form
Model Written Agreement (Member/Contractor)
Model Bid Tabulation Record
Model Contract for Rehabilitation
Model ESFR Field List
Model Preconstruction Record
Model Post-Construction Record
Model Release of Liens
Model Certification of Final Inspections
Model Owner Certificate of Satisfaction

ESFRLP Training
ESFRLP Portal: Reservations (Including Environmental) (updated 6/8/2022)
ESFRLP Portal: Settlement Data Sheet (SDS) (updated 7/1/2020)
ESFRLP Portal: Invoices and Requisitions (updated 7/23/2021)
ESFRLP Portal: Unit Completion (new 7/1/2020)
ESFRLP Portal: Funding Agreement Modifications (effective 8/10/2020)
ESFRLP Portal: Monitoring Documents (effective 7/23/2021)
ESFRLP21 Admin Workshop slides (held on 6/23/2021)
ESFRLP21 Rehab Specialists Workshop slides (held on 6/24/2021)
ESFRLP23 Admin Workshop slides (held on 6/7/2023)
ESFRLP23 Rehab Specialist Workshop slides (held on 6/8/2023)

Administrator's Manual

Application and Eligibility Form
Legal Advice Disclosure
Promissory Note
Modification Agreement
Pre-Construction Conference Record
Contractors Release of Liens
Certification of Final Inspection
Owner Certificate of Satisfaction
Construction Contract-Bid
Construction Contract-Self
Duplication of Benefits Affidavit
Certification of Completion and Final Cost—Disaster Recovery