SystemVision™ Energy Guarantee Program

The SystemVision™ Energy Guarantee Program encourages the implementation of high energy efficiency standards for construction of affordable housing. The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency partners with the Advanced Energy Corporation, a nonprofit organization in Raleigh, NC, to train construction teams in the implementation of SystemVision™ standards. 

The Agency provides construction subsidies up to $6,000 to nonprofits and local governments for each home developed through CPLP and SHLP that follow SystemVision™ guidelines. These guidelines include energy efficiency standards such as smart mechanical ventilation systems to control indoor air quality and humidity levels. 

Under the SystemVision™ Program, Advanced Energy issues a two-year heating and cooling bill guarantee—typically, that the average heating and cooling costs will be less than $30 per month. If actual costs are higher, Advanced Energy will reimburse homeowners for the outstanding amount. Advanced Energy also issues a comfort guarantee to homeowners, wherein the center of every room will differ from the thermostat setting by no more than three degrees.

For more information, contact Vedera Mimms, 919-877-5655 or Kari Rudolph, 919-500-5234.