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Marketing Resources

We appreciate your efforts to promote the NC Home Advantage suite of products to your buyers. We offer various marketing and educational materials for you to use with your clients. These include graphics for your social media streams, educational product videos and downloadable fliers that can  customized with your business card. These options and how to use them are explained in Marketing Our Products: Home Buying Resources for Your Clients, Promotional Resources for You.

Our Home Buyer, Homeowner and Renter Success Story Form helps us promote our partners and the affordable mortgage products that helped make home happen for your buyers. Next time you close a deal, see if your clients want to be featured on our social media channels!

Please note that when marketing our products on any platforms, you must adhere to our Marketing Policy and Guidelines for NC Housing Finance Agency’s Home Buyer Programs.

If you have any questions or need additional printed copies of our fliers, please contact our Public Relations and Marketing Office.

All fliers are available in downloadable formats so they can easily be printed out for your clients. Most fliers are available in three versions: print, customizable with one business card and customizable with two.

Buying a Home? We’re Here to Help Make it Happen

Buying a Home? We’re Here to Help Make it Happen

Buying Your 1 Home? Make It Happen with an $8,000 Boost

Buying Your 1st Home?
Make It Happen with an $8,000 Boost

Buying Your 1st Home? Make It Happen with up to $2,000 in Annual Tax Savings

Buying Your 1st Home?
Make It Happen with up to $2,000
in Annual Tax Savings

Think Buying a Home is Out of Reach?

What Does Recapture
Mean for You?

  1. Click on 'download' to download the zip folder.
  2. Expand the zip file. There will be English and Spanish versions within the zip file. Then there is a print version, a customizable flier with one business card and with two options to upload to file. Depending on which version you need, save that file for your use.
  3. You will need to open directly in Adobe Acrobat to customize the flier.
  4. In Adobe Acrobat, click on the image icon in the white box on the bottom of the page.
  5. Browse to find the file of your business card or document you’d like to insert. (File types that are acceptable: .jpg; .tif; .png; .pdf)
  6. Select Image and Press Ok.
  7. Your Image should be saved and fitted into the box.
  8. Save the file to save your changes.

Confused? Check our Marketing our Products: Customizable Fliers for illustrated instructions. Then get started with the fliers below!