Moving Into Your First Home? Here’s What You Need to Do!

New homeowners high fiving amongst boxes in their new home

Moving into a new place is always exciting and a little bit exhausting, but when you’re moving into the first home you bought yourself it may feel like there’s even more pressure. After all, buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ve ever made, so you want to be sure you do it right. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you transition into your new home as a first-time home buyer with ease! Use our to-do list below to keep yourself on track.

Do the Final Walk Through
Once the previous owners have moved out, you’ll want to be sure you do a final walk through with your real estate agent to make sure no damage occurred during their move and that everything is in tip top shape. Architectural Digest recommends doing the following:

  • Check the faucets for leaks
  • Flush the toilets
  • Inspect the circuit breaker (and label it if it isn’t already)
  • Test the water heater by running hot water
  • Test the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Test the outlets
  • Turn on all the lights and appliances

Clean, Clean, Clean!
Typically the previous owners will have cleaned after they moved out, but no one will put the energy into cleaning a new home the way you will. Get those baseboards, cabinets, behind the refrigerator and all the other nooks and crannies that might have been missed or that won’t be cleaned regularly once you move in. 

Do Repairs and Paint Beforehand
Before you move all your boxes in, take a look around to see what might need to be repaired. It will be much easier to get to some items before your things are crowding the place. Additionally, if you plan on painting it will be way more convenient to do so before your furniture is in place. 

Transfer and Set Up Utilities
Calling your utility service providers is never fun—but it must be done! has a list to help you stay on track:

  • Make a list of all your current utility providers and your new providers
  • Notify utility providers of your move a few weeks prior, most water and sewer services will need to be done through your city or town
  • Check to see what utilities may be covered by your new HOA
  • Before the big move, call all of your utility providers to confirm stop and start dates for your old and new addresses

Start Packing!
As your moving day approaches, you’ll want to make a plan and start packing up your things. This may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Start with one room at a time and save your most-used items for last. Spend an hour or two every day packing and by the end of a week or two you’ll be in good shape. Updater suggests taking the following steps:

  • Throw out or donate the things you don’t need
  • Measure your new home so you don’t have to worry about things like your couch fitting through the door
  • Take an inventory of your valuables so they don’t get lost or misplaced
  • Keep all your important documents in one place
  • Label your boxes so you know what everything is before re-opening

Update Your Address
Go to your local post office or to change your address. Don’t forget to let your bank, credit card companies and other important policy holders know about your address change as well. 

Moving isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. This is an amazing and important step in life and you want to enjoy it as much as possible. If you aren’t yet a homeowner and are thinking about buying a home in North Carolina, learn how we may be able to help you with our NC 1st Home Advantage Down Payment which offers $15,000 in down payment assistance for eligible buyers.