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Housing Developments: Insights from Scott Farmer
photo of executive director Scott Farmer

Affordable Housing Can Promote Greater Equity

The demonstrations across the world for racial justice and equality have forced us all to face continuing inequities in the distribution of power, economic resources and...Read more

Home Matters Blog
A woman holding a folder

Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Buying your first home in North Carolina can be a tricky process that doesn’t end once your offer is on the table. Negotiations can continue well after your offer is made...Read more

Policy Matters Blog
Women are More Satisfied Homeowners Than Men

Women Are More Satisfied Homeowners Than Men

As we celebrate National Home Ownership Month this June, lenders, real estate agents and housing counselors may be better able to serve potential buyers by understanding...Read more

Home Matters Blog
A person working with papers at a desk

3 Money Moves to Help You Buy a Home This Summer

Between stay-at-home orders, supply shortages and navigating a very changed world, buying a home this summer can still be a great idea. With fewer people entering the home...Read more